Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clean up

It didn't take me more than a day to understand that my problems are like math. They all have a solution. Only I need to relax and get to the root of it from all kinds of branches. These problems are harmless obstacles that can be overcome.
I mean, what about people who have been diagnosed with cancer but don’t have the resources to end it? What about people who cannot be blessed with children? Or worse, people who are under painful suffering, in shreds and pieces, still fighting for life in Palestine… what about several millions of people like that? Many of them didn't deserve to be where they are… But have then given up? They're still fighting for life. They're fighting, not for a healthy, wealthy or happy life. They're fighting for just life. Life, which in all, is everything.

Why can we not learn from their struggles? When did we start talking more about humanity and becoming less of humane... Breathe any air... drink any water... sleep anywhere- nothing's dirty.. it's our hearts that've become dirty. Find your clutter and work on it.

Today's Intention: Making peace for myself: it's my choice.

When you enter a place filled with tension, or are in need
of some calm loving energy in a hurry, imagine the color
pink, the color of unconditional love. Take a few deep
breaths and imagine your heart filling up with the color
pink. When a feeling of tranquility permeates your chest,
imagine that the color flows out from your heart and fills
the entire room. Feel a sense of peace saturate you and
those around you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There's a thousand reasons

We all question, but in different ways, for example, people question your play with words, :), people question their God or whoever it is they believe in all the time, people question a million and one things....

My only concern... the questioning is negative, only when you are depressed, confused, unhappy - and so you achieve nothing out of it.

Amusingly, everyone needs something to believe in for their survival yet if they question, if they reason, it shakes their faith ... so we get used to sitting in our comfort zones and saying things happen for a reason... There is no reason if you can't identify it. :)

There is no blind faith without miracles and miracles are God's way of saying question it ... your life, your success, your dreams, your aspirations ... everything is for a reason.