Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love...

There may be a million things that I'm in love with but to name a few:

Mumma: The most giving woman I've ever seen
Water: As in waterfalls, lakes, rivers, rains, beaches, the ocean, hot water baths... the list goes on.
Chocolate & caramel: In almost any edible form
Landscapes of Switzerland: I guess that came from an overdose of yashraj films
My atmosphere: Fresh breezes of wind, clouds, dusk, sunshine, rainbows, storms, rains and its after effects... Just the thought of it is making me feel alive =)
My home: In here i find love, laughter, comfort, peace and tranquility (They're fighting again!)
Music, dancing & singing: I've no idea why
Myself: I'm finally accepting it; If i don't love myself from time to time, I wouldn't be able to love anything else with all my being.