Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Learning to love myself more

So, I've been trying to urge myself to move my lazy bum and fix my camera. Why? So I can mess around with it and upload my utterly brilliant ideas on this very page. For one, imagine having a photo with sounds attached to it. I know, I know... we got video capture for that. But it'd still be different. A still picture could come to life when viewed with sound attached. And this just means looking at your room, but from another angle like from the top of a wall fan.
There is so much to do. So much to feel. And thats just the thing that's keeping me from studying. Haha. Though what's really broken my heart is the fact that my mum broke my spanish, acoustic, oakwood guitar!!!! It was worth Dhs.300. I got it for my 16th birthday. And now its gone! Gone gone gone!! Apparently she was pulling this suitcase from beneath my bed and my poor guitar was standing on the side, when the sides of the tyrant suitcase hit it and it collapsed with a thud. The head broke from the finger board so I'm not even sure if we can fix that. But she felt it a lot more than I did. And she was in tears. So I told her not to be silly since its just a guitar that I play like twice or thrice in a whole year. Heheh
And why am I still writing when I have to go pray and study later. Actually, I'm so not studying today! I'm tired. I need a break from The Break. You know what I mean?! I'm going to paint shadows today. Or I could just stop procrastinating fixing my camera and become productive! Hope I keep my hands off the TV. =D