Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little desires

I think the greatest thing about me is the fact that despite all the pain that I've had to push myself to go through (since the age of 12), I still go out and involuntarily, love life.
I find myself getting excited about redecorating this vase with dried flowers that I can create by myself! And then using the current dried flowers to make a potpouri. I get excited (and jump all around the kitchen) when I learn one of my neighbour's has spent a fortune on her hair dresser's course because I'd love to learn better ways of grooming myself from her. And I'm actually looking forward to meeting her and talking to her about it. I want to learn how to better style my hair and how I can line my eyes perfectly.
But getting excited isn't what's great. Who knows... the hair dresser could think I'm a weirdo! Being practical is important but having faith is too. It's the consistency with which I follow my little desires that makes me great.
The fulfillment of these desires make up just a small portion of the painting that I am in but what's a painting without colour? These little desires (even when I barely get time out for myself) make me want to discover my surroundings, my life, even myself from a newer angle. And I like to think right now, that following little desires will get me to my biggest dream. Even when I vaguely know what that might be.