Tuesday, September 16, 2008


In the time I took of from my blog, I successfully rooted on little desires that would dawn on my way home in the car or big desires, like- standing up for the right things and following through. Now logic says it starts with little steps. That's what I thought too, until I tried this:

No, not taking pictures silly.

1.) Spend some time along learning to be your own best buddy. Imagine the kind of friend(s) you are looking for and -- if you can be this kind of playful -- spend just a little time every day having tea with your imaginary playmates. This will help you to recognize the shape of your own new and powerful personal geometry and solidify it so you're not stuck acting out old pattern in a new situation.

2.) Along with your new (imaginary) friends, explore in safe and quiet ways. What alone things do you find you enjoy? Books, Movies, Art, Favorite TV shows, clothes, drama...independent of other people, what are your passions that you have misplaced or forgotten. In these you may find "everyday archetypes" in characters or actors or heros that already carry the new parts of yourself that you haven't found yet.

3.) When you know your passions and they are enough present in your life they will help you get going -- whatever it is, let it draw you on. If it's animals, you might volunteer and meet other people with the same passion. If it's Jane Austin, then rather than just any book club, looking for buddies, look for Jane Austin fellows. Remember that there are internet groups on ANYTHING.

4.) The funny thing is that when you find your real new "shape" = and can wear it, rain or shine, you'll just discover that you're in the midst of a whole new dynamic group . . . some people find to their astonishment that the new friends are their old friends who were just waiting for someone to lead them to newness.