Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's true isn't it. when you are thinking about your loved ones, they are too.

one of the strengths of love was proven to me once when my mom's friend (who had taken care of me when i was a child) was appearing and re-appearing in my dreams, being thousands of miles away... when i was not in touch or had no idea how she was.
she would appear frustrated or angry at something, but quiet. every time i dreamt i would see her at some point or the other. when my mom decided i lost my nuts, i thought i should make a fool of myself, complete out and open and confess this to her son on the internet.

he took me seriously fortunately and decided to speak to her about it, if nothing else. it later turned out that there were problems... and they were confused too as to why i would be so concerned.

love cannot be found only in blood. it is the heart and soul that leads us to people who love us, even if we are indifferent to them. even if we decide not to love them, over and over. love takes us there because true happiness and strength in love is only found by surrendering. by being vulnerable to your loved ones. nothing can put you to peace without love.