Monday, June 25, 2012

My Ten Year Old Dream

This time ten years ago, I thought I'd have my whole life together. I could imagine myself on top of my career ladder, married, kids, a crazy family always on a roll enjoying our summers in Morocco or Turkey. Holding up juice with one hand and a book in another lying on the beach breathing in the salty but fresh beach air. Carelessly lying on white linen sheets cuddling with my family and my only worry being what are we having for dinner. 

Coming back. I Still don't have that life. The mess is bigger and the burden of getting it right is near impossible to achieve by now. So I look around and see similar people. How long before we have it all together then? The truth of life is you never have it all together at 24 or any other age. 

The more time you spend organizing your clutter the more frustrated you will become. So should you leave your clutter unattended? Sometimes. Other times, work only on those aspects which are very likely going to keep you happy, once cleared. And by happy I don’t mean dance-like-no-one’s-watching-party-all-night-long ‘happy’. I mean sit in solitude, drown in to doing something and it may slowly dawn-on-you ‘happy’.  Happiness may come, it may not. That’s life. The rest is an escape.