Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Length of Stay

Lets analyse. Look between the hour glass. Lets question. Not because I am strong enough to question the toughest no-entry zones of my life's choices. But because I am being forced to make rash decisions for a while. My unconscious mind has been relentlessly knocking me over to gather the courage to question and accept the responses as they are. And I have neither. No courage and no responses. What I have is a heart, with a history of broken and dragged around, that initially was so broken, the truth didn't hurt.

From nowhere came a phoenix who healed it with its tears and made it so safe and comfortable, that coming out of that comfort zone to question the length of stay of this phoenix becomes dreadful. So dreadful that the  next thirty years of my life become dependent on this very choice. What happens if the phoenix leaves? What if I have to make the choice to go back to a broken heart? This phoenix who heals, is it any good if it doesn't stay? Did fate command it to be here upon me?

Won't the phoenix only leave if fate commands? Should I be scared every night for the day that happens? What if it decides against fate and flies away soaring in the empty skies, where its actual home lies. When I can't control what will happen tomorrow (or today) how can I be at peace? Or in the least, hopeful that what ever happens will be in my best interest? Do I want what is best for me? Or do I just want to be dull and lifeless... miserable but not without the taste of those tears?

Do I get to choose my choices? How long will I hold onto my own instincts... into blind faith? Isn't all faith blind once you believe? Do I believe I will last all this? Will I get what I desire or will I get what I deserve?How does one make that leap of faith and believe they got what they deserved in the end? What if I'm throwing away what I desire and what I deserve and don't even know they are contained in the phoenix? It really is dreadful as questioning is not difficult or tough or painful or hurting or numbing. Its the layers of answer that risk the death of my choices, the death of my foundation, the death of my only desire... the death of all things, my heart thrown in the equation.

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